St.Thomas Residential Central School


Our kindergarten teachers prepare and educate students for the world, since it is the beginning of the child’s first formal education. Children entering Kindergarten are placed through two consequitive classes – LKG & UKG (Lower Kindergarten & Upper Kindergarten).

The kindergarten program runs from 9:15AM – 3:15PM with breaks for two recesses and lunch. A dedicated team of 6 assistants and ayas are prepared for the hour-to-hour needs of the children. The teacher provides enrichment opportunities such as art, music and physical education. The curriculum provides learning in all areas of development (Cognitive, emotional, physical and social) and provides instruction at the child’s level in literacy and mathematics. We are working hard in giving more emphasis for communicating in neutral English accent, with no MTI. Enrolment in Kindergarten is determined by a formal interview with the child and parents.