St.Thomas Residential Central School

Middle School

STRCS’ Middle/Secondary School serves students in Classes IX and X in a modified middle school program module. As per the training & instructions from the CBSE Board, New Delhi, we meticulously train them in a more professional stance than erstwhile Junior School, as the students cross the barrier age of 10 years. Once every week, one-hour written mock tests are conducted for each subject on a rotational & continual basis, by combining all chapters covered, right from day 1 of the academic year. This effectively enables them to revise old portions & current portions combined, as every month passes by, and be ready to face Half yearly, Annual or Class X Board Examinations, without fear.

Commonly regarded as the beginning of teenage, students are overwhelmingly supported emotionally; and characters moulded appropriately, so that they are well-groomed. Excessive importance is given to co-curricular activities like Origami, Stitching, Arts and Oratory Programs, once a month for all classes. All this, in combination with Physical Education Programs such as Roller-skating and games & sports, students will grow intellectually and exponentially.

Eligibility for Admission:

  • 1. Students who achieved 65% & Above in their last appeared final examination
  • 2. A valid Transfer Certificate
  • 3. Reference Letters from the previous school, if any.
  • 4. AN ENTRANCE TEST WILL BE CONDUCTED for subjects such as English, Physics, Chemistry