Co-Curricular Activities St.Thomas Residential Central School

The School provides facilities to learn life Skills and a variety of co-curricular activities such as Yoga, Karate, Dance, Art & Public speaking. Participation in Sports & Games is compulsory. Children are encouraged to take an active part in co-curricular activities. Special mention is made (in grades) on student’s record and certificates to show student’s participation in such Co-Curricular activities. Art/Music are taught as part of the regular curriculum.

The School is a member of Central Travancore Sahodaya Complex, (a confederation of CBSE Schools) prepares its students to participate in inter CBSE School’s Youth Festival, Games, and other academic and non-academic activities being organised by this


Dive deep into the practice of yoga with these educational classes taught by focused on fine-tuning alignment and developing a keener awareness of both the body and the breath. Trained by Mr. Raju, Director of Ayush Yoga & Meditation Center; by studying and practicing the poses with precision, our students achieve inner peace, and elevates their happiness in mind and body alike.

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STRCS creates a playful, interactive atmosphere where language-learning is natural and organically integrated into the musical experience. Special training programs imbibed with the curriculum will allow children to be experts in Keyboard Instruments, Solo Singing, and Chorus Singing. We are working hard in finding teachers and volunteers to teach most of all the musical instruments so that children will be in a position to choose which instrument they want to concentrate on.

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Lead by Mr. Anil Kumar, a Pioneer in teaching Pencil Sketching, Oil Painting and Portrait Painting, students are whiffed with fresh air of brush strokes into Arts, bringing colour and imaginations into a canvas or paper. Arts is also an elective subject that students may wish to choose from.

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On a clay modelling course you may learn sculpting and hand building skills along with gaining knowledge about different types of clay. You can make tiles, pots, portraits, brooches, hanging ornaments, tea light holders… or pretty much anything you want! Clay Modelling is an elective course that enables a student to broaden his or her horizon in their career, in the fields such as Automotive Design, Sculpture Waxing, Pottery and Ceramics Workshop, etc.

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Japan Martial Arts & Kubudo Center India Chief Instructor and Technical Director Mr. Renshi K Madhu affiliated to the Federation of Funakoshi Shotokan Karate, is our Karate Instructor for the past 6 years, and has been pillar inspiration to countless students over the years learning the defence and combat art form. Karate is included in the curriculum as an elective in co-curricular activities, and he is assigned two days per week.

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Cricket is no different to enthusiasts here than in any corner of the country, with top-of-the-line game equipment. Great care is given to team management, leadership capabilities, and over all synchronization. Eminent players of the sports field visit our school to provide game advices from time to time. P.Ed Teachers:Mrs. Sheena Reji and Mr. Vishnu Vijayan.

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More than 1/3rd of all P.Ed. Periods are extensively dedicated for Football Coaching, throughout the year. The Afterschool sessions are always popular and give the kids the opportunity to learn unique new skills and then put them into practice. P.Ed Teachers: Mrs. Sheena Reji and Mr. Vishnu Vijayan.

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STRCS focuses on teaching students how to master individual skills and team concepts. It is designed to improve the individual technique of students wishing to play this sport at friendly events organized by the students and instructors. P.Ed Teachers:Mrs. Sheena Reji and Mr. Vishnu Vijayan.

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The Youth league of the STRCS is a great way for your kids to fine-tune their skills, practice good sportsmanship and have fun. Kids at STRCS youth sports league learn about dribbling, shooting and guarding. They also learn the values of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility in a sports team environment. The STRCS relies on volunteer coaches and our Physical Education Instructors Mrs. Sheena Reji and Mr. Vishnu Vijayan, who can not only teach a child how to dribble but also how to be a team player. 

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