Certain Days

St.Thomas Residential Central School

Special Days

January 12 National youth day
January 26 Republic day (India)
January 30 Martyr���s day (India)
February 14 Valentine’s day
March 8 World women’s day
March 9 World kidney day
March 15 World consumer’s day
March 21 Forestry day
March 22 World day of water
March 23 World climate day
March 24 World T.B. day
April 7 World health day
April 11 World Parkinson’s day
April 18 World heritage day
April 22 Earth day
April 23 World book day
April 26 World intellectual wealth day
May 1 Labourday
May 3 Press freedom day/World asthma day
May 8 World red cross day
May 11 National technology day
May 12 World nurse’s day
May 2nd Sunday World mother’s day
May 15 World family day
May 17 World telecommunication day
May 24 Common wealth day
May 31 World anti-tobacco day
June 5 World environmental day
June 14 World blood donation day
June 16 International day of solidarity
June 3rd Sunday World father’s day
June 19 Reading day (Kerala)
June 26 World anti-narcotics day
July 1 Doctor’s day
July 8 World allergy day
July 11 World population day
July 26 Kargil victory day
August 1 World friendship day
August 6 Hiroshima day
August 9 Nagasaki day
August 15 Independence day (India World wife’s day
August 29
September 5 Teachers day (India)
September 8 Literacy day
September 16 International ozone day
September 19 World peace day
Alzheimer’s day
September 21
September 26 Day of deaf and dump
September 27 World tourism day
Sept. last Sunday World heart day
October 1 International day of older persons/
October blood donation day
2 Gandhi Jayanthi (India)/Intemational
October non-violence day
4 World animal day – wildlife day
October 5 World habitat day
October 9 World postal day
October 10 World mental health day
October 11 World eye sight day
October 13 Natural disaster reduction day
Octobcr 15 White cane day
October 16 World food day
October 17 World poverty day
October 24 United nations day
October 27 World animation day
October 30 World thrift day
November 14 Children’s day / Diabetes day
November 16 World tolerance day
November 21 World fisheries day
December 1 World Aids day
December 3 World disabled day
December 5 Volunteers day
December 10 Human rights day
December 15 International tea day