The academic facilities are state of the art. Each classroom is fitted with the multimedia equipment, interactive boards, LCD projectors and furniture which are ergonomically integrated for student development. The school has modern, well-equipped physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics labs with Separate Junior and Senior computer labs. Other facilities include a well-stocked library, Activity center, Music, Art, Dance studios and a state of the art auditorium. The school also has a modern cafeteria which serves vegetarian food.
Preschool classrooms are a child’s dream come true which are specially designed to cater for Montessori teaching methodology which the school follows. The junior sports ground has specially designed equipment which are age appropriate.


The St Thomas Residential school has an awesome Hostel. The `home is where the heart is’—this old English adage will be fulfilled by the facilities provided at the school hostel.
We provide separate residential facilities for boys and girls. Each residence is supervised by a House Wardon, and in addition, all the staff living on campus plays a role in the residential care of students. The House Warden plays a crucial role in the personal development of the student and stays with them as they grow through the School. Students are expected to live in rooms of six juniors and four seniors. Rooms are modern, well furnished and select rooms are air conditioned (on request). In addition, each residence has its own facility for general relaxation which includes a TV room for weekends, and a ping pong indoor game room. The hostel has its own in-house laundry facility.

As soon as students are admitted to the hostel of STRCS, they are assigned to a tutor group under the supervision of a teacher for each subject during convenient weekdays after classes until 5:30PM. An important part of well-being is lifestyle. Regular sleeping habits, attention to personal hygiene, daily group & private study, and the pursuit of knowledge in combination with a love of sports, healthy competition and participation in cultural and social events is expected of all students and they are helped at each stage by our expert residential and tutorial staff. Since health is most important of all, a permanent physical education teacher who also stays in the campus, will train students to be physically fit, and supervise outdoor games such as football, basketball, badminton, volleyball and cricket, after school hours.

The dining room is a central place for students and staff to come together with utmost importance emphasized on a hygienic kitchen. Staff living in campus eats regularly with the students at lunch and dinner. The catering reflects both the diversity of the school and the local cuisine. But it always is plentiful, nutritious, tasty and varied.

Keeping in mind the hustle and bustle of city, STRCS possesses an environment which feels like closest of being in heaven, with forgiving air & sound pollution levels, school-grown agricultural plantations, and pure drinking water, as the campus is located within the outskirts of Kollam District (28km from city center).

Items Required by The Boarders

List of articles to be brought by the boarders

The hostel store incharge will provide the following items to the students at the time of admission (free of charge)

  • A Bed
  • A Mattress
  • A Cupboard
  • A Locker for Books
  • A Study Table and chair (Only for Sr. Students)
  • The hostel store incharge will provide the bedlinen to the student (charged to his personal account)
  • Bed Sheet
  • 3 Pieces
  • Pillow Cover
  • 3 Pieces
  • Bed Cover
  • 2 Pieces
  • Pillow
  • Gaming T-shirts & Shorts
  • 1 Piece
  • Following essential clothings and other items for the hostel will be provided by the school (On reasonable Payment)
  • Text books and notebooks
  • Stationery items
  • School uniform
  • The students will bring with them the following items at the time of admission
  • Black or Blue Jeans / Shorts (Non Stretchable)
  • Night Suit
  • White Sports Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Undergarments
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Bathing Towels
  • Hangers
  • Laundry Bag
  • Black Shoes for School
  • Shoe Polish / Shoe Brush (Black)
  • Light Cotton Blankets
  • Small Locks with duplicate keys

Toiletries required (the students can bring it from home or buy it from the school store)
Soaps (bathing and washing), Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Soap Case, Nail Clipper, Shampoo, Hair Oil, Body Lotion, Shaving Kit (Sr. Boys) etc. (As per requirement)

Please Note:
Parents are requested not to give any cash, costly items, Audio System, Electric or Electronic Items, Video Games, Expensive Wrist Watches, Immersion Heater, Iron, Cell Phones etc.
No eatables are allowed inside the hostel.
Please label each of your child’s belongings with his/her admission number, written with permanent marker.
Any items other than the prescribed ones, if brought to the hostel, will be confiscated and destroyed.
If any objectionable material / article is found with the student, the school authorities will be forced to take strict disciplinary action against that student.
If any damage is done to the school property, it will be borne by the student including the fine imposed.

We provide a 30% scholarship to those who’s needy based on the child’s performance throughout the previous academic year. Discounts on School Fee are provided by the management of STEMS Society under their total discretion after reviewing the following criteria:

1. Income Tax Returns File Statement
2. Ration Card
3. Proof of Residence
4. Formal Interview with Parents

It is to announce that we are providing transportation to our students. Our school buses ply over a 15-20KM radius. The Buses are maintained in good condition and our Bus Drivers and attendants are regularly given briefing about the safety of each student. They also undergo police verifications regularly, and are continuously trained on the safety aspects by the local police authorities and the Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala. Bus Fee is exempted for parents who has more than one child; .i.e. Bus Fee will be charged only for one child per parent, and the second child and onwards can use Bus Services for free throughout the academic year.

The STRCS Library in the campus includes Science & Research, General Civics, World Encylocpedia, a proposed media room for rich DVD Content, Books on History, literatre, biographies and novels. A separate section for KIDS provide a key tool to uplift reading habits among children froma tender age.

At present, we have 4 well ventilated labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics that are fully equipped with the latest instruments, specimens, charts and inputs. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments.

The school has a modern day Basketball Court (3200 sq.ft), a Football cum Cricket field (20,000 sq.ft), an athlete ground for specific sports like long jump, discussthrow etc, and a volleyball court. Sports is given utmost importance as this is only viable area of study where each students learns to be a part of a larger organization than of that in classrooms, and some students learn to be team mates than individual stars, team leaders than individual leaders.

Our school is the first to introduce Smart Class in Kollam District. A huge amount has been invested for providing this facility in our school. Smart Class can revolutionize teaching and learning drastically. It provides tools and content for interactive learning system for students as well as teachers. The salient features of Smart Class are the following.

  1. It makes abstract concept real.
  2. Visuals and animations that students will never forget.
  3. Activities and games to make learning process easy.
  4. Effective blending of technology with the classroom.
  5. Pedagogically sound and visually rich curriculum resources.
  6. Content is customized as per the school’s scheme of work.
  7. Facility to update the content.

A well ventilated Open Air Auditorium with high roof enables every assembly to be larger than life. It is embedded with interlocked tiles that provide a cool atmosphere to the occupants. Apart from large scale events, the auditorium is also used as an indoor stadium for various indoor games such as chess, carom and other lower class compatible games.