Principal’s Message St.Thomas Residential Central School

St.Thomas Residential Central SchoolPrincipal’s Message

It is a great honor and a privilege to be the Principal of such a prestigious school, which stands for excellence, perfection and constantly trying to improve the standard of education. The quality of education determines the destiny of a nation. We aim at continuous improvement of the performance of the students to achieve excellence in their education. The academic curriculum for the school student is based on syllabi laid down by the reputed and universally acceptable Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

The school offers its students and staff a pristine environment for learning and developing in all spheres of life. We are giving opportunities to students to improvise themselves through innovative ideas, exhibition of multi -skills and promotion of value education. A true person is one who is multi- faceted, who excels academically, has wide interests, and is adorned with physical and spiritual fitness that allows him to move forward. We take special care in building character, discipline, moral values, stress management, art, physical education, aesthetic performance, personality development and yoga.

We provide an idyllic setting, fine weather, and a natural pollution – free atmosphere, to satisfy a crucial need in today’s world for students to learn, observe, introspect and contemplate. Education in such an ambience is a rewarding experience.
I strongly believe that the progress of the nation is achieved when everyone strives for excellence and people progress when they strive for the best. In their individual and collective growth is the growth of our nation, world order and mankind.
Best wishes,

Mrs. Smitha Thomson