School Management

St.Thomas Residential Central School

School Profile

STRCS  is one of the most prestigious schools in India. Founded as a public school in 1998 in Ezhammile, it is a private institution run by a Registered Educational and Charitable Society.

STRCS Ezhammile is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest educational board in the country. It is recognised by the Department of Education Kerala. It provides a truly enabling environment to contribute to the holistic development of each student. With a modern building, housing a striking Sports Complex, State-of-the-art infrastructure and spacious classrooms, STRCS  is indeed a learning source for all aspirants who want to make their children to stand against the multiple challenges to prepare themselves for powerful future and comfortable social structure.

The school is alive to the challenge of moulding students to be life long learners by developing their skills as academic achievers, progressive thinkers, effective communicators and empowered citizens who  ‘think local but act global’. The transformation from a green field site to a school bustling with about  1600 students  bears testimony to its  phenomenal growth and the school’s commitment to excellence.

Aims and Objectives

The broad and balanced school curriculum sets the direction, establishes the goals and implements a strategy for getting from where a child is, to where he aspires to be.

Our efforts are to encourage all children to realize their true potential and seek educational challenges. We consider the child’s all-round development-intellectual, social, physical, moral and emotional, to be of paramount importance. We stand committed to ‘Service Before Self’ and prepare the young learners to act in accordance with a personal philosophy that reflects concern for all and understand the ethical implications of the various disciplines.