School Rules

St.Thomas Residential Central School

General School rules & Code of conduct

  1. The successful completion of Nursery/Kindergarten Course is compulsory for admission to  Class 1

  2. Failure in examination, misconduct, failure to pay school fees and dues within the stipulated period, irregular attendance and    violation of the code of conduct can cause removal of student’s name from the rolls.

  3. Students are expected to behave in an exemplary manner both inside and outside the classroom.

  4. Students shall be clean and decorous in dress language and behaviour.

  5. English shall compulsory be used as the medium of communication.

  6. Students should fully be equipped with Text Books, Note Books, School Diary, Pencils and other necessary school requirements.

  7. Absentees shall produce leave application from their parents/guardians.

  8. Students shall greet members of staff on meeting them.

  9. Students shall handle school property with care, loss or damage caused to school articles will be made good by realising cost from the students concerned.

  10. Transfer requests should be made in writing by the parents/guardian on or before 1st March.

  11.  The management reserves the right to change, add, delete, modify or substitute any of the existing rules or other clauses.

  12. Mobile Phone, Video Game and other Electronic gadgets are prohibited in the school campus without prior permission.

  13.  School Uniform

    Normal prescribed uniform on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On all Wednesdays complete white uniform with white shoes and socks. Uniforms will be distributed from the school.

  14. Ornaments of any kind are not permitted (except a small studs) in the school. The school shall not be liable for any loss.

  15. Hair Style for Boys:- closed cropped hair cut.

    Hair Style for Girls:- Girls having long hair must be in two plaits. Girls having short hair must wear Red Hair Bow.

  16. Transport:- School Vehicle will be plying along the prescribed routes. Students will be collected and dropped at the specified points only. Fee for transport will be charged as per the distance.

  17. Fee Schedule Tuition Fees will be collected Quarterly (3 months x 4 times) 12 months, before 5th of every months of the quarter.  Term fee will be collected at the beginning of June, September, and January. A fine of Rs. 25/- will be charged for defaulters per month.

* Fees once collected in any kind will not be refunded