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STRCS is focused to provide the best education in the country. Though the primary aim is academic progress of each child, we look into the talents of our students in many areas. To bring out the potential of a child we use innovative techniques as well as taught friendly methods which are always supporting and refreshing. The school keeps high value to spirit, morals and ethics of life. The tranquillity and naturality of STRCS helps to nurture the educational environment for both students and teachers.


Surrounded by lush green countryside, and on high grounds of Kollam District, STRCS is a proud institution to have a total area of 4 acres of land, out of which a 4 storeyed Main school building comprising of 32 classrooms, totalling 60,000 sq.ft., a 15,000 sq.ft building to the left of the main building which is a combined facility of KG Section, Student Hostel & Teachers Quarters, and a Hostel Mess. Together with a modernly designed Basketball Court (3200 sq.ft), an assembly hall (6000 sq.ft), a football field (20,000 sq.ft. and a cultivable agriculture-training premise of a little over 1.5 acres, all aid in the salubrious and holistic environment for the upbringing of our children.

FOUNDER PRINCIPAL, Head Councillor & Promoter of STRCS – Rev.Fr.Dr. O.Thomas

‘In all my years of imparting education and core values, never have I had a more fruitful experience and joy serving as Principal, and now a Promoter & Head Councillor for St. Thomas Residential Central School, Ezhammile. A school that started from scratch, with our hard work echoing through time, our efforts has finally paid off; and 900 beautiful children today are bearing the fruits of our labour. From training little hands to empowering & leading teachers to build the foundations of every child’s life according to the changes of times, it is imperative that we never stop… we shall continue to learn, teach and empower our children of tomorrow endlessly! ’


Computer Laboratories

A state of the art Computer Science Lab with the means of teacher-students interactive infrastructure.


Four well ventilated labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics that are fully equipped with the latest instruments, specimens, charts and inputs.

Technology Equipped Classrooms

The teaching-learning pedagogy used in various classrooms are IT enabled; support and software provided by Green Tree Technologies ©


The STRCS Library in the campus includes Science & Research, General Civics, World Encyclopedia, and rich Education DVD content.

Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World


Our kindergarten teachers prepare and educate students for the world, since it is the beginning of the child’s first formal education. Children entering Kindergarten are placed through two consequitive classes – LKG & UKG (Lower Kindergarten & Upper Kindergarten). The kindergarten program runs from 9:15AM – 3:15PM with breaks for two recesses and lunch. A dedicated team of 6 assistants and ayas are prepared for the hour-to-hour needs of the children. The teacher provides enrichment opportunities such as art, music and physical education. The curriculum provides learning in...

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At Junior Level, otherwise known as lower primary school for Classes I upto Class V and upper Primary school for Class VI upto Class VIII, the school expects the students to entrench the basics and explore the world. They learn to question, analyse, classify and communicate their perceptions. An unconventional system of education is adopted by the school where education is imparted through play-way methods and concepts are taught with models, collection of ‘learners – friendly idea’ and painting. A suitably designed child- centered curriculum based on phonetics provides the children...

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STRCS’ Middle/Secondary School serves students in Classes IX and X in a modified middle school program module. As per the training & instructions from the CBSE Board, New Delhi, we meticulously train them in a more professional stance than erstwhile Junior School, as the students cross the barrier age of 10 years. Once every week, one-hour written mock tests are conducted for each subject on a rotational & continual basis, by combining all chapters covered, right from day 1 of the academic year. This effectively enables them to revise old portions & current portions combined, as...

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We offer two streams of study choice to the students aspiring to join our senior high school program, for classes XI & XII — Science & Commerce. The student-teacher ratio is minimal, and students are able to exploit the full possibility of making use of personal attention from teachers to perform well for their Class XII Final Board Examination. Under the CBSE Board, and with the help of private publisher books and primarily, the NCERT Books, our students are continuously trained for the CBSE Board Examinations, and also trained in general life skills that serves the purpose of a...

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Peter George Digital Marketer

My years in STRCS were the liveliest part of my whole life. My coming of age was pretty much defined during the time in STRCS. I gained everything of value within the premises of STRCS, from like-minded friends to inspirational teachers and mentors, the school single handedly made my world go around in the most remarkable fashion. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about the magical moments the School has presented me in my years there.

Shekar Das Digital Marketer

STRCS has played an instrumental role in both my personal and academic life. The influence all the years had on my emotional and intellectual growth can never be overstated. The best part about being educated at STRCS is the sense of belonging I had over the years. Teachers were always endearing and treated with great understanding of trials and tribulations of adolescence. Looking back, my time at STRCS carried not just sentimental but enlightening value.

ANUPAMA M.S. Digital Marketer

STRCS, which has instilled into me it’s values and resourcefulness during my 14 years of schooling, cannot be remembered without pride. My school has given me tremendous amount of freedom to pursue knowledge and experiences far beyond that of a typical school and has challenged me to explore my interests in great depth. I thank my teachers and the management for fostering the kind of community that most schools only dream about!

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